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Make Sure You Have Experience.

Although trust is essential, so if your lawyer has extensive experience in processing divorces, general lawyers are excellent for minor and uncomplicated issues, but a lack of experience and precise knowledge on the matter can cause them to make mistakes and thus damage your case.

That is not a family member or friend.

You could think that a family member or friend will process your divorce better because they will be more involved and will serve you better. However, what happens is that this lawyer is so engaged that ends up being counterproductive because it becomes very aggressive. From experience, we can say that an excess of aggressiveness is usually seen negatively by the judges.

Another drawback of an excess of involvement by the lawyer, is that it prevents negotiation, and in divorce as in any other procedure, it is preferable that there is an agreement between the parties before a trial, and for that agreement to take place is Necessary to negotiate objectively, while a person too close will not be able to mark enough distance.

That is not a big office.

Unless you are famous, or have a lot of money, or are someone critical and influential, in a large office, your case will be handled not by the chief lawyer but by someone with less experience that is possibly in the learning period, or even isIt is possible that a fellow takes your subject. Think about how unimportant you can become for an office that has thousands of customers and bills vast amounts of money.

Just as if you call your telephone company you do not expect the president to attend you and it seems impossible for you to receive personalized attention and quality, with a large law firm the same thing happens, they have a vast number of clients and much more cases important than yours, so you’re not going to have any priority for them.

Each case is different, and you can not apply generic solutions, but you have to make them measure, so if you want extraordinary attention, go to a medium or small office.

That is not too cheap.

In a divorce process, critical decisions are made that will affect the rest of your life, that’s why you need a quality lawyer and that you dedicate a lot of time to your case. If you find a cheap lawyer, it’s probably because he has little work, with what is hardly good because good lawyers usually have a lot of work, or he will not devote to your business all the time he deserves, so if you want a good lawyer and that you spend all the time necessary to your matter, you must assume that it will have a high cost.

There are cases in which it is worth saving a few euros. However, there are other circumstances in which cheap can be expensive. For example, you have to receive a food allowance, and a good lawyer gets this pension to be € 50 more per month than a mediocre lawyer would have. Maybe that good lawyer has had to pay € 500 more, but in 10 months that extra investment is already amortized. Or imagine that you have to go and look for the children 30 kilometers away, and a good lawyer gets the other parent to bring them to you, so imagine the number of hours and money you will save in the next few years.

Choosing a good lawyer is critical to the success of a judicial procedure, and most grant the first free visit, so do not hesitate to take advantage of it, visit a couple or three and select the one you like following the advice we have given you given, and the possibility of success gets increased.