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Seven Tips To Choose A Good Lawyer

It is an integral part of the whole divorce process because the selection of the lawyer is going to be a decisive part of the entire procedure and can make the difference between success or failure.

It should give you enough generic information.

First of all, when you meet with a lawyer, he has to give you an overview of how the procedure is going to go, ie how long it will take to file the complaint, how often it takes to receive a response, where will process the process, how much is the approximate time that usually makes the whole process, what is the regulation that is applied, what is the expected result … etc.

This does not mean that you have to go into too many details, but rather give a general vision that will clear up the great doubts that any person gets at the beginning.

Of course, it must be clear that the lawyer can not foresee the future, and therefore can not guarantee in any way how things will turn out, but it can tell you how they usually happen according to their experience, that is, if this lawyer He has enough experience, he will not hesitate to give you deadlines and approximations, although by logic he will always be conservative.

Do not trust a lawyer too optimistic , judgments are known how they start but not how it ends, and as easy as it may seem at the beginning, experience tells us that it is possible to complicate later, so although I tell you that there are many chances of success, you must also inform yourself of the risks, every face has its cross, and all judicial procedures have risks.

You must understand what it says.

You must understand all the information, that is, do not be afraid to sin of ignorance, you do not get divorced every day, and therefore you do not have to know anything at all. The right lawyer is one who presumes that the client does not understand anything, and therefore strives to explain the legal issues in a way that everyone can understand.

If it turns out that the client already has the legal knowledge and therefore can speak with a more technical language, the client will let you know, but the presumption should always be that the client does not know anything of basis. Otherwise, we risk that the client, embarrassed by not wanting to appear ignorant, pretends to understand what is being said to him, when in fact he does not.

As in all professions, lawyers have their professional slang, and from both using it and surrounding themselves, most of the time, from people related to the world of law, there comes a time when they forget that the average citizen does not understand that language.

When that happens, it is because the lawyer does not have enough empathy to put himself in the client’s shoes and change the language adapting it to the personal circumstances of each one. For example, you can not talk to a young person equal to an older person, or a person with a high educational level than another person with a lower level, or a person who speaks Spanish as a native language, than someone who speaks it as a second person. Language… etc. It is the lawyer who has to adapt to you, and not the other way around.

It must generate trust.

This is an indispensable element in the relationship between lawyer and client. The lawyer has to advise you on critical issues that directly affect your current life and your future, it has to indicate the most appropriate way to achieve your goals, and you will design a strategy tailored for you, but it is essential that lawyer and client go together throughout the process and you both agree.

When that does not happen, that is, the lawyer goes on one side and the client on the other, there is a mutual boycott, and the lawyer will not be able to do his job correctly, and you will be uncomfortable, and that will be to your detriment. Lawyer and client must be a team, work together, and fully trust each other.

And if your current lawyer does not generate full confidence, do not be afraid to change it, get services from will lawyers Sydney, you will not offend the first lawyer, it is normal, and you are not telling him that it is not good, just that he has not There was chemistry among you.

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